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Meet The Producers | Farmers Pantry

Take A Look At Our Chosen Farmers And Artisan Producers
As They Share Their Tips And Hints On How To Get The Best From Their Produce

Taste… It’s the difference!

Isn’t it refreshing, in an age of super scale industrialisation with more and more factories producing our food, to find Farmers who are passionate about what they grow and rear. At Farmers Pantry Butchers shops the meat sold is predominantly sourced from Rosedew Farm deep in the Vale of Glamorgan, an area renowned for being the most fertile land in Wales. Even the feed used to fatten the livestock is grown at the farm making the end product truly traceable.

From traditional cuts to modern methods the butchers are able to meet all your meat needs. An extensive range of Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry, Game, Bacon and Ham prepared just how you like it.

Ready to cook products such as scrumptious sausages, burgers, kebabs, stir-fries and ready meals offer convenience without compromise.

The ready to eat selection of pies, pasties, savouries and snacks as well as cooked, roasted meats and genuine South African Recipe Biltong all derived from the same farm source and produced in-house.

World Food from Welsh Produce!

So if you care about what you eat or want to know where your next meal is from, head on down to Farmers Pantry Butchers Shop, Whitchurch Village and join the Real Food Revolution!

Truly a Farm Shop in the City.