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The Real Food Revolution | Farmers Pantry

What is the Real Food Revolution?

Well…put simply it is the supply of food to the consumer direct from the farmer or producer.
At Farmers Pantry Butchers for instance all the
Beef, Pork and Lamb are sourced direct from the farms of the Vale of Glamorgan, not just any farms, but farms of distinction whose farmers work to exacting standards to rear the best animals possible under strict animal welfare and husbandry rules.

The livestock is not only grazed on the most fertile pastures Wales has to offer but is wintered on feed grown on the same pastures and land, this gives the meat its distinctive flavour and finish. These farmers know the better the feed you put into an animal, the better the results you obtain when that animal reaches maturity, often consuming over an acre of prime pasture grass in its lifetime.

Often these animals would be taken to market and swallowed up into huge food production companies, where every piece of sinew and gristle would be modified and used to incorporated into some “Meat” product or other, value sausages, pies, pasties, burgers etc. Check the packet and question what “filler” is. These factories are about as far removed from Traditional Butchers as you can imagine, the care and compassion gone into rearing the animal lost at the factory gate.

Goals and Aims

The Real Food Revolution is all about reversing this trend of industrialising the meat industry, giving customers the chance to choose what they eat, meat and produce direct from the farms that produce them, helping maintain the farming industry and protecting a way of life that has been in existence for centuries.

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How can you get involved

It really is simple,
Join the Real Food Revolution by shopping at Farmers Pantry.

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Real Food Revolution

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